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Voskhod restaurant

The Voskhod restaurant began its operation in October 2017, half a month after the opening of the Zaryadye park. Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies served as its gastronomic operator. It is naturally “embedded” in the Zaryadye landscape, which allows to preserve park’s unique landscape with a characteristic elevation difference. Its roof, which also serves as a walking park area, offers panoramic views of the Moscow River, Vasilyevsky Slope and the Kremlin.

Voskhod restaurant design is inspired by the times of space exploration. An unusual facade with glass walls, stained-glass windows, a transparent ceiling above the dining room and a huge chandelier resembling the Solar system create a fantastic image in the spirit of retro futurism. The interiors of Voskhod speak of the 60s era of the last century.

Moscow, Varvarka str.,6