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Pavilion on Patriarch’s Ponds

The Pavilion on Patriarch's Ponds was built in 1938, its style an exact copy of the demolished wooden boat station which originally appeared on the banks of the ponds before the revolution.

In 1986, the wooden pavilion was rebuilt, this time in a stone version, preserving the stucco moulding and reliefs of the old building. For some time, it housed a canteen and locker room for the ice rink which the pond turned into every winter.

From 2011, the building housed the “Pavilion” Russian-Soviet cuisine restaurant, and then in 2017, an Italian restaurant, which closed in autumn 2018, after which the Pavilion fell empty.

In 2019, the Pavilion on Patriarch’s Ponds joined the portfolio of assets of the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies. The building will house the holding’s new restaurant concept which Kievskaya Ploshchad will create in conjunction with the Rappoport Restaurants united company.

The project is under development, but we already know that not just the functional purpose of the pavilion, but its external appearance too will also be preserved.

Moscow, Bol'shoy Patriarshiy Pereulok, 7