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7 September 2020

Every year on 5 September, International Charity Day is celebrated. The date was first observed in 2013. On this day, people around the world draw attention to the support of charitable foundations and businesses that voluntarily implement their own initiatives.

In today's world, successful businessmen try not just to develop their business, but also provide comprehensive assistance to society in solving a wide range of problems. This is especially important in times of unexpected social upheaval, such as events related to the current COVID-19 situation. One of the leading Russian companies which provides continuous systematic support for socially vulnerable groups is the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies.


The future is in our hands

The Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies pays close attention to supporting children with disabilities and young people who find themselves without parental care. Every year, staff at the Radisson Collection Hotel, Moscow (Ukraina) and Radisson Slavyanskaya hold a charity event called "Let’s Get Children to School Together", corporate charity bazaars, fairs to support children's cancer centres, orphanages and foundations to fight rare diseases, collect items and toys for refugees, and take an active part in charity races organised by the Lifeline Foundation.

The Radisson Collection Hotel, Moscow (Ukraina) collective conducts a year-round volunteer support programme for the Kuntsevsky Family Education Support Centre, with volunteer staff supplying the centre with toys and stationery, playing football with the children and helping tidy up the area, while the hotel chefs conduct culinary workshops. In the Radisson Slavyanskaya, as part of the "Gift of Books" programme, they help adapt to teaching children with visual impairments - they are given sets of coloured illustrated relief books, while on 1 June, on Children's Day, for 20 years now, 300 children from orphanages and low-income families from Tverskaya, Kaluga, Lipetsk and other regions have been among the restaurant’s special guests. The Moscow automobile trade centre helps the "Colour of Life" charity collect gifts for children with disabilities.

The Depo.Moscow food mall holds concerts and fairs in support of foundations that save children's lives - "Life as a Miracle", the "Da!Dobro" Centre for Corporate Volunteering, the "IRINAS" Foundation for Assisting Seriously Ill Children, the Oksana Fedorova Foundation "Hurry to Do Good" and the "New Life" Foundation. Funds are raised to support families bringing up children with complex diagnoses such as cerebral palsy and epilepsy. In addition, the gastronomic quarter together with the Russian Cancer Research Charitable Foundation runs a programme aimed at promoting the prevention and diagnosis of breast cancer.


Helping hand

Several facilities belonging to the holding have supported the model of targeted assistance to individuals for many years. The administration of the FOOD CITY agrocluster on Kaluzhskoye Shosse regularly provides food packages to pensioners of the neighbouring region of Sosenskoye, while the Evropeiskiy shopping and entertainment centre does likewise for beneficiaries living in the capital’s Dorogomilovsky district. Among the targeted recipients are large and low-income families, retirees, veterans of the Second World War, the blockades and home front workers. Elderly Muscovites also receive festive greetings on New Year’s Day, Victory Day, the November holidays, 8 March, 23 February and their birthday. Every year on 9 May, together with the "Artist" charity, the Radisson Royal Flotilla organises a festive cruise for WWII veterans. 


Built heritage

Another charitable initiative of Kievskaya Ploshchad is to preserve the image of old Moscow and its historical heritage, which anyone can now acquaint themselves with. As a result, the owners of the holding fully financed the restoration work to preserve the cultural heritage of the Radisson Collection Hotel, Moscow (Ukraina). Today, it is home to Russia's largest private collection of Soviet-era paintings. More than 1200 original paintings by Russian artists, created in the 1950s, adorn the halls, rooms and public areas of the hotel. The famous picturesque ceiling painting "Holiday of Labour and Harvest in Hospitable Ukraine", a unique diorama of Moscow from 1977, as well as 57 sculptures from the Soviet era, are presented almost in their original form. Every year, as part of its assistance to the Department of Cultural Heritage of the City of Moscow and support for the project "Days of Historical and Cultural Heritage", the hotel hosts tour groups and displays these exhibits. During the restoration of the Miussky Depot ensemble, archive photographs, historical documents and original drawings were used, as a result of which each building was returned to its original appearance. For this, more than 20 000 m2 of brick walls were restored at the expense of the holding’s shareholders, and they even went on a special expedition to the Ivanovsk, Vologda and Vladimirsky regions in search of 300 000 rare samples of large-sized bricks, which fully correspond to the time of its construction. And when developing a project for a multifunctional hotel complex on Varvarka, 14, bldg. 1 and 2, the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies fully embraced the social responsibility to restore the historical appearance to the examples of early-20th-century modernity - the former apartment houses of the Yakor insurance company and merchant of the first guild Zelik Persits.

On environmental campaign days, Kievskaya Ploshchad’s facilities join international and all-Russian projects. On Earth Day, the DEPO gastronomic quarter becomes the capital’s main venue for the "Green Games" event. Visitors are greeted with the motto "Give a battery - get an apple". At the global "We clean the world" (Let’s clear the planet of rubbish) week, volunteer clean-ups are held at the Velozavodsky Market, and throughout the year, they attract visitors to workshops on separate rubbish sorting. Used coffee capsules and caps for recycling (an average of 50 kg per week) are collected all year round at the Radisson Collection Hotel, Moscow (Hotel Ukraina), a container is set up in the service canteen to dispose of used batteries, and the car wash uses recycled water. All facilities of the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies take an active part in the Responsible Business, Save the Tree and Earth Hour programmes.

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