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Velozavodsky market joins the World Cleanup Week

23 September 2019


On September 21, the Velozavodsky market took part in World Cleanup Week. The market is owned by the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies, for which environmental protection is a top priority.

As part of the day's activities, local residents were educated about the dangers of environmental pollution and the importance of separating bottles and cans for recycling Flyers about the issue were also being handed out to people entering the market.

Velozavodsky marke

Every year, World Cleanup Week activities are held across the globe. One tradition originated in Australia in September 1993, when thousands of volunteers went out to clean ocean beaches. Every year, millions of volunteers spend a week in September collecting and sorting through garbage in their hometown.

Velozavodsky Market General Director Leonid Borda Martinez said: “Humans are capable of having a very negative impact on our planet, but it is very important to improve the culture of waste disposal. Since the Velozavodsky market opened, we have been monitoring the state of its cleanliness. Today, during World Cleanup Week, we installed separate garbage cans for different types of waste as well as a battery collection container.”


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