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UNIQLO is about to open its largest store in Russia and Europe with the concept of "Time for New Things"

10 November 2021

Already on December 3rd, UNIQLO, an international clothing brand from Japan, will open Russia's largest store with an area of over 4,200 sq. m. It will be located on two floors of the Evropeiskiy shopping center – ground and first floors. UNIQLO MOSCOW will become the brand’s largest branch not only in Russia but also in Europe.

Developed exclusively for the Russian market, the concept of the new store “Time for New Things” reflects the key values of not only the brand but also the city residents: simplicity, comfort, and a conscious approach to clothing. UNIQLO helps to set accents, maintain harmony, and take care of the important things – not only in wardrobe but also in life. Communicating with people, taking care of nature, going to our favorite shops - create our common future, part of which is simple and high-quality clothing.

“The opening of such a store is a turning point for UNIQLO after 12 years of presence on the Russian market. All this time we have provided a wide range of high-quality, simple, comfortable, and innovative apparel in line with our LifeWear concept. After the pandemic, the dynamics of life, as well as the values of people, changed, they became more thoughtful and focused on important things. Therefore, we believe that UNIQLO can help people adapt to a new lifestyle” said Adachi Fuminori, General Director of UNIQLO Russia.

“We've redefined our perspective on delivering to customers the very essence of LifeWear and our core values for the new era.  Hence, we see UNIQLO MOSCOW as a store where shoppers can get the latest news and offers from us, as well as appreciate our approach to style and lifestyle. We hope that the store will become one of Russians favorite places by ensuring an unforgettable experience” he continued.

Vladislav Yusupov, representative of the Evropeyskiy shopping and entertainment center: “We are glad that the largest in Europe UNIQLO is opening at Evropeisky. This is a landmark partnership for us and we strive to do everything possible to make our cooperation as comfortable and productive as possible for both parties.

Cooperation with UNIQLO gives our visitors a unique opportunity to be the first in Europe to get exclusive access to all the brand's products.


Our strategy is for world brands to choose Evropeisky as a key retail platform, and the opening of UNIQLO MOSCOW is clear evidence of the success of our approach. Our team is constantly working to ensure that Evropeisky stays not only the main retail space in the capital but also gets better on a daily basis. "

As part of the “Time for New Things” concept, UNIQLO has entered into partnerships with four iconic museums in Moscow - the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow (MAMM), State Museum of Fine Arts, A.S. Pushkin and the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics. This therefore will allow bringing art into everyday life. In the UTme! Zone, located on the ground floor, customers in just a few minutes will be able to create a unique T-shirt depicting iconic masterpieces, including paintings by Viktor Vasnetsov, Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Wassily Kandinsky, photographs by A.M. Rodchenko, and space artifacts (photograph of the famous dog Strelka, the first rover Lunokhod-1 and the Monument to the Conquerors of Space).

Another game-changing event at the opening of UNIQLO MOSCOW will be collaboration with contemporary Russian artist Dmitry Ask. He will create a panel from recycled plastic provided by the Recycle Object brand. Hence, the mural displayed on the ground floor will be a combination of the artist's corporate identity and sustainable materials. It will therefore reflect the concept of "Time for New Things" and the brand's commitment to the principles of sustainable development.

Moreover, an important aspect of the “Time of New Things” concept is the emphasis on the local specifics of Russia. In honor of the opening of a new store, UNIQLO announces cooperation with Moscow brands, the goal of which is to make the life of a modern city dweller brighter, more interesting, and conscious: 

Furthermore, within the store, a lot of attention will be paid to the key area of the brand's activities - sustainable development initiatives. A special area will be set up on the ground floor with a variety of installations and dashboards highlighting the brand's latest sustainable initiatives, both globally and locally. In addition, visitors will be able to take the sustainable living test and learn how to introduce sustainable habits into their lives.

Also, within a few days after the opening, UNIQLO MOSCOW visitors will have a special program of events and gifts from the brand.

UNIQLO cares about the safety of its customers and employees. The brand will arrange the work of a new store with all the necessary additions in order to make your stay in it and the shopping process as comfortable and safe as possible. Thus, the store will be cleaned daily with disinfectants, hand sanitizers will be available, and staff will wear masks and gloves.

SEC "Evropeyskiy" is a modern shopping and entertainment center, which is the most visited in Russia and Europe. The building has a total area of about 180 thousand square meters. It is designed according to the principle of a passage, the shopping arcade of which radiates from the central atrium "Moscow" to the atriums "Paris", "Rome", "London", "Berlin". To date, the shopping and entertainment complex has more than 500 stores, a food court, restaurants, and a multiplex 3D cinema.

Store information:

Address: SEC "Evropeyskiy", Moscow, pl. Kievsky Railway Station, 2
Area: more than 4200 sq. m
Opening Date and time: December 3rd 

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