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Evropeyskiy Shopping and Entertainment Complex won the best holiday decoration contest

8 February 2022

This winter, a contest among shopping centres and consumer services enterprises was organized in Moscow for the first time. On the “Aktivniy Grazhdanin” service, Muscovites were choosing leaders in five categories. Evropeyskiy Shopping Mall received 29 000 votes in the “Best Shopping Centre Decoration” nomination. 

Out of 179 applications, the jury selected 98 of the most impressive ones, which were then presented to active Moscow citizens. A light installation in Evropeyskiy Shopping Centre shaped as a large Saint Petersburg model resonated with the citizens. Total of 29 004 votes were given via city government’s web-service to the complex, that allowed its visitors to set off on an imaginary journey.

The installation with the landmarks of the city on the Neva - winged lions, drawbridges, models of Saint Isaac's Cathedral and the Admiralty, the Scarlet Sails ship, a ship’s wheel and an anchor adorned the entrance to the mall from Square of Europe. The art object, as well as the festive photozones, which Evropeisky regularly updates throughout the year, have already become a traditional place for holiday photoshoots.

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