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8 June 2021

The Direct Dialogue charity event took place in the Depo Lesnaya gastro-quarter. Russian Red Cross charitable organization’s volunteers helped everyone who expressed a willingness to support charitable activities. Moreover, they told how to help lonely elderly and disabled people. Besides, they highlighted the significance of replenishing the blood bank and teaching first aid courses.

The Russian Red Cross (RKK) together with the Novgorod regional branch of RKK launched the Direct Dialogue project. This program aims to attract supporters through the help of information representatives. They go to the streets of cities, shopping and office centers, and tell everyone about the work of the Russian Red Cross. Afterwards, they invite people to support the fund by placing a regular donation through the use of a bank card.

Information representatives of the Russian Red Cross make donations only through mobile devices on the website.

Vladislav Yusupov, representative of the Depo Lesnaya gastro-quarter: “In charity, it is important to not only draw the attention to the problem or raise funds but also to talk about the activities of the organizations. That is why at Depo we are trying to create the most convenient conditions for such projects as Direct Dialogue, aimed at developing the accessibility and transparency of the activities of charitable foundations".

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