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16 April 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has already brought changes to many seemingly established aspects of life. This year, due to the threat of coronavirus spread and the introduction of a regime of general self-isolation, it won’t be so easy to celebrate the traditional Easter holiday.


It’s difficult to find Easter pastries. To help citizens, we present a "short list" of gastro-projects and restaurants that will not only deliver cakes to your home, but also comply with all necessary safety measures.

Food City

The Food City agrocluster, the largest wholesale and retail food centre in the Moscow region, is improving its digital presence. is the official online Food City store providing a high level of quality and offering a new degree of accessibility.

In, you can find Easter cakes and arrange their delivery. In addition, you can order contactless delivery and other products presented in the Food City agrocluster here. You can order on the website:


In the DEPO gastro-quarter, Easter pastries can be ordered from four outlets at once, while their own delivery service, which was launched during the self-isolation period, will help you do so quickly and safely.

"Liubov i Sladosti" confectionery takes orders through the official website for Easter cakes, "paskha", cupcakes, gingerbread, chocolate figures and eclairs with themed decoration, while in Mon Bon, for the holidays they have prepared colourful Easter sets with cakes, sweet pastries, signature salted caramel and other tasty treats. You can also order your favourite pastry through the confectioner’s website.

The Valiko bakery offers a light cake with added pineapple candied fruit, dried cherries and raisins. And Gilo pasta & pizza has prepared a special signature treat in limited quantity of just 100 cakes! You can order by phone at: +7 (495) 788-88-10,,

Central Market

At Central Market, you can find Easter pastries at two outlets, Cacao Jet and Glavpirog.

At Cacao Jet, you can try Easter panettone cakes in two flavours: with raspberries and walnuts and with lemon and candied fruit. All cakes are handmade from yeast-free dough.

Glavpirog offers Easter cakes made of yeast-free dough with an airy buttery consistency, with added orange candied fruit and golden raisins. The cakes are decorated with sugar fudge, pistachio petals and almonds. You can order on the websites:,

Velozavodsky Market

At Velozavodsky Market, you can also order Easter pastries from the Khleb da Kalach bakery with home delivery. Here, cakes are available in five flavours: classic with raisins, poppy seeds, curd with candied fruit, chocolate and "elite" - with Brazil nuts, pecans, almonds, dried cranberries and white chocolate. The cakes are offered in two sizes: large 500g and small 100 g.

Order by phone: +7 (985) 529-56-46 You can order on the website:

ERWIN.RekaMoryeOkean and KrabyKutaby

The restaurant ERWIN.RekaMoryeOkean near Hotel Ukraina offers traditional Easter dishes with their signature blue sea theme. By 19 April, everyone who wants to will be able to buy homemade cakes, "paskha" and Easter hampers with home delivery.

Pastry chef Tatiana Markina has cooked cakes with raisins and candied fruit, decorating them with white chocolate shells, starfish and coral. You can pre-order holiday sets with cakes, "paskha", Easter eggs and dessert wine in two sizes.

KrabyKutaby in DEPO provides festive sets with Easter treats and Russian delicacies for visitors. Kulichi - with glazed candied fruit and raisins and figures of crabs, starfish and shells, brightly painted eggs, curd cheese "paskha" and gingerbread, as well as bottles of sweet kagora wine and the main Russian delicacy - red and black caviar. All this can also be ordered from home, by applying online or by phone.

Order on the website and by phone:, +7 495 363 89 77.

Easter is one of the most important, not just religious, but national holidays as well. Celebrating Easter is an important tradition for many families, often smoothing things over, reconciling all its members. In a period of self-isolation, it’s more important than ever to maintain traditions so that, even if we can’t get together, we know that #we’retogether, despite all the difficulties.

Happy Easter holidays!

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