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A new Ogonki cafe by Arkadiy Novikov opens at Evropeyskiy

13 September 2021

In early September, a new Ogonki cafe by Novikov Group was opened on the first floor of the Evropeyskiy mall, in the Berlin atrium.

Ogonki is a cozy city cafe in the middle of the shopping center, with a luminous stylish interior in natural colors, a varied menu and a big dessert showcase.

The menu was developed by the chef, Iskander Jamilov, who focused on the latest trends and gastronomic combination: lush omelet for breakfast, tartars, different types of pasta and risotto, pizza, as well as hot fish and meat dishes.

Breakfast is served here every day from 10:00 to 14:00. You can start the morning with, for example, an English breakfast with sausages, beans, adjika, scrambled eggs and bacon, or a lush omelet with salted salmon. In the appetizer section, there are bestsellers-to-be like guinea fowl liver pate with citrus jam and crushed cucumbers, Asian-style mussels with cashew sauce, and tempura shrimp with Tom Yam sauce. For lunch, pumpkin puree soup with fried suluguni cheese, Tuscan veal cheeks and duck fillet with chopped spelled and baked apples will be just perfect.

The wide range of desserts attracts special attention. The menu includes fruit and berry pies, tartlets with fresh berries, puff rolls with airy cream, cookies, ice cream, classic and signature cakes: truffle with dark chocolate, curd with blueberries and homemade cookies, cheese and cream with raspberries, as well as Napoleon, tiramisu, and many others.

The visitors to the shopping and entertainment center can relax at Ogonki while walking in a cozy atmosphere and recharge their batteries for a successful shopping.

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