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Furniture retail complex Grand has launched a portal and loyalty program for designers

18 February 2021

An increasing number of clients have started to ask for the services of interior designers for the creation of their ideal home. Thus, designers and architects have become an integral part of the furniture and interior design market. Hence, to support the community of designers and create a more transparent market, the furniture retail complex Grand has launched not only an information portal for designers and architects, but also a loyalty program.

The portal provides detailed information about the tenants of the shopping center verified by Grand who work with designers. Moreover, it also has their contacts, as well as more detailed guidance about the working conditions.

Participants of the loyalty program can leave their feedback about working with manufacturing companies and make a rating of furniture companies. Therefore, it will have a solid contribution to the improvement of the quality of service for all buyers of the shopping center. Moreover, in the future, the portal will provide information about private events for designers, seminars, excursions to manufacturers' factories, presentations of new collections, and much more. 

In order to become a participant in the program, you must be a designer or architect, which can be confirmed by the provision of your portfolio. 

Besides, for the convenience of designers working with clients, on the territory of Grand a special area with comfortable workplaces, free wi-fi, drinks, product samples, and catalogs have been opened. You can book a seat at any time on the information portal. 

We believe that trustworthy and honest relationships between all market participants contribute to its development. Hence, the loyalty program will help designers navigate a wide range of shopping center tenants more easily by thus improving the quality of service for their customers. 

You may check the portal at: 

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