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How to spend a Day with the one you love: ideas from the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of companies

9 February 2021

On Valentine's Day, it’s customary to spend time with your soul mate and give each other gifts. To prepare for the holiday in the best possible way, we recommend you check out the different leisure options in advance and choose precisely what your beloved will appreciate most. After all, the most important thing is to make this day one you’ll remember forever, one that will surprise and delight you both.

You can easily get carried away into the world of love, romance and exciting emotions on a snow-white panoramic yacht from the Radisson Royal Flotilla. For “Lovers’ Day”, the Flotilla has prepared special celebratory trips - "Lovers’ Confessions", "Tête-à-tête" and "Friends Forever". A warm, cosy atmosphere, live music and stunning views of Moscow will make this day really stand out from the everyday bustle. A white-decorated table for two, music and delicious dishes from the chef await you in the salon.

14 February is not just a time of special recognition. For those who are making plans for a life together or already have a young family, it’s important to make it a special occasion. To take a step away from everyday life and devote all your time to each other, we have a special package you can order in the legendary Hotel Ukraina (Radisson Collection Hotel, Moscow). All you have to do is relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the capital from your luxury window. Our festive package includes fish and seafood snacks, beef medallions with mushroom mousse and potato gratin, while your dinner culminates with a meringue roll with raspberries. And in another legendary Moscow hotel - the Radisson Slavyanskaya - when booking the "presidential suite" for 14 February, couples will receive a free celebration breakfast.

Gourmet offers for lovers on 14 February are so diverse that it’s best to choose a table to enjoy a romantic dinner in advance. Some will appreciate the exotic modern city food in the new restaurant MoryeKofyeOkeyan by Erwin, which opened on the ground floor of the Evropeiskiy shopping and entertainment complex. For dinner, surrounded by palm trees that create the atmosphere of a tropical oasis, you can watch the unique musical fountain show.

Some will prefer an intimate moment for soulful conversations and nostalgic memories. Just for them, Lyubov Uspenskaya will be singing for the whole evening on the main stage of the Depo. Moscow food mall within the DEPO gastronomic quarter. Guests can also watch a concert by talented, distinctive performers Brandon Stone, Ludmila Sokolova and Levan Kbilashvili, known for their appearances in the music show "The Voice".

Some may want to dance at the disco all evening and even on through the night. On Lovers' Day, the Chef Amazonia restaurant-bar, also located in the DEPO gastronomic quarter, opens its dance floor to meet famous artists and relax together. In the evening at 8 o’clock, there will be a performance by Mitya Fomin. The restaurant's menu includes authentic kofte and baklava, tiramisu and panna cotta, amazing steaks, a rich wine list, various snacks and cocktails. Book your table and have fun listening to your favourite hits.

Tsomi bakes heart-shaped khachapuri on 14 February, while the Zhemchuga confectionery store offers its "Naked Heart" dessert. Thanks to the promotion on offer at the Cheesemania cafe on 13 and 14 February, couples will be treated to free cheese hearts with sauce. On 13 February at 4.30pm, Wine Depo will be holding a "Wine Casino" wine tasting game for couples, while on 14 February, every second cocktail will be presented to lovers as a free gift. The Kotelnaya bar will treat everyone who books a table for Valentine's Day with oysters and sparkling rose. Dinner there will be accompanied by a concert by the Dmitry Saburov quartet. For dessert, chef Dmitry Pogorelov has come up with a sweet valentine - strawberry jelly on pink champagne with tarragon and cherry granite.

14 February at Central Market will provide a no less joyful atmosphere. Visitors can expect exciting competitions, with performances by hip-hop artist Dominic Joker. Retail corners will prepare themed dishes, desserts and drinks, gifts and special offers for lovers. Starting from 8 February, when ordering in any of these corners, you will receive a Valentine card, on the back of which you can write your declaration of love. The best messages will feature on the radio at Central Market all day on 14 February.

A well-chosen gift will provide a pleasant addition to the evening. In the new Schelkovskiy shopping centre, from 12 February, visitors can expect special offers from the festive range for Valentine's Day. At TISSOT, guests will receive a 15% discount on paired watch models, while Yves Rocher is offering an additional discount of up to 30% on a dedicated range. From 11 to 23 February, best-selling fragrances with discounts of up to 50% are on offer at MOLECULE. In addition, for any amount spent, visitors will receive miniature fragrances and body care products. Visitors will also be delighted with the wonderful atmosphere - a special musical selection will be broadcast on the shopping and entertainment centre’s internal radio, including requests from users of Schelkovskiy’s social networks.

You’re sure to find original gift ideas for 14 February in one of the most popular shopping and entertainment centres in the capital - Evropeiskiy. The new Swatch collection will help support friends who aren’t yet in a couple or are waiting for their other half on the forthcoming Valentine's Day. For example, the P(E/A)NSE-MOI model with a heart symbol on the inside of the strap forms part of the first aid kit, along with plasters, and BEATING LOVE and BEATING PINK made in the style of the evergreen 70s, monitoring the wearer’s heart rate, with the shape of a heart on the dial.

For those who are definitely lucky in love, you’ll find new collections of wedding and engagement rings in the new jewellery store KotaOsta. In the Adamas store, they’re holding a "Love me? Prove it!" event where buyers are given a 69% discount on all jewellery items. Men may also be interested in discounts of up to 70% in Snezhnaya Koroleva for the entire winter collection and furs.

So have a great time on this festive day off. Arrange dates, confess your love with pride, believe in your fate and luck. And if you haven’t yet met your soul mate, don’t just sit at home - head for the most popular places in the capital, meet up with friends, and perhaps it really will happen for you on Valentine's Day!

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