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Results 2020: Kievskaya ploshchad group of companies

24 December 2020

2020 was a serious test for the whole world. Proposals to "cancel" the past year, forget it or just pretend it didn’t happen can even be found in such authoritative publications as Time. But despite many really difficult and unforeseen circumstances, events and occurrences, for the activities of the largest development company in Russia, the past year has certainly been successful.

The year began encouragingly - with the purchase of Central Market on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, which became a logical development of the gastronomic segment within Kievskaya Ploshchad. Together with the Depo gastronomic quarter, which has performed very well indeed over the operating year, quickly becoming one of the most popular places for leisure activities in the capital, Central Market significantly strengthened Kievskaya Ploshchad’s position in the urban gastronomy field.

The new concept behind Central Market itself involved no major changes. Kievskaya Ploshchad’s owners noted that special attention will be focused on the conceptual expansion of the tenant and leisure and entertainment component. As such, in the summer, at the end of the self-isolation period, the veranda on the roof of the food mall opened with panoramic views of the Boulevard Ring, a special menu, waiter service and DJ sets at weekends.

The period of self-isolation, which lasted from March to July, proved a successful incentive to improve digital communication with consumers. In Depo, in just a short time, they managed to launch their own delivery service, through which customers could place a combined order of both ready meals from retail outlets and the freshest products from the food market. In addition, the "My Order" app was launched, using which made the choice of dishes even easier and more user-friendly. More than 55 outlets operated in delivery and take-away mode. Delivery with the help of "Yandex.Food" and Delivery Club services was also introduced in Central Market.

At the same time, the Depo format, a pleasant urban space in a historical setting, is developing and receiving wider recognition. In August-September, the gastroquarter won the title of best project in the category "Restoration and adaptation of cultural heritage items for modern use" in the competition run by the Department of Urban Planning Policy of the City of Moscow, and also won the national award "Palm Branch of the Restaurant Business 2020" in a special "Multicard" category dedicated to menu diversity. Several sites for the new Depo-2 facility are being considered in the Garden Ring area, which will combine not only gastronomic and entertainment elements, but office space as well. As the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kievskaya Ploshchad, God Nisanov, told RBC: "There is an idea to gather young professionals there and make a kind of co-working office for them. If they work in one place, they will be able to communicate more constructively, which will have a synergistic effect."

In 2020, the Radisson Collection Hotel, Moscow won two prestigious awards - the main Russian award in the field of hospitality, the Russian Hospitality Awards in the category "Best 5-star Business Hotel", and the annual international Business Traveller Russia and CIS Awards 2019, held under the auspices of the Russian edition of Business Traveller magazine.

In June, a fully functional studio for online events was launched in the Conference Hall of the Hotel Ukraina. Professional lighting, sound, video and broadcasting equipment, augmented reality technology and premium catering - AR studio in the Hotel Ukraina combine to provide highly professional hosting of events.

Another successful project by Kievskaya Ploshchad - the Food City agrocluster - focused on extending the concept of a wholesale and retail product centre on a regional scale with a wide range of logistics and warehouse services.

In September 2020, during an open auction, a wholesale and food complex, operating in the suburbs of Domodedovo under the "Four Seasons" brand, was purchased. This site, covering 32.79 hectares, contains commercial and warehouse and office space with a total area of 60,000 square metres. The plan is to create an agrocluster based on the Food City concept here.

In addition, the Food City project in Domodedovo will provide the basis for introducing a modern digital platform using an electronic trading exchange, which both Russian and foreign suppliers, buyers and service operators will be able to connect to directly. In this way, producers will be able to sell products to the end consumer without intermediaries.

The digital platform project, developed and implemented in conjunction with Sberbank, will allow electronic bidding and safe wholesale and retail transactions to take place, working with proven suppliers and buyers, and using embedded banking products and services. The service will provide users with access to a much larger number of customers than in offline trading, including public procurement. Retail chains, government agencies, schools, kindergartens, cafes and restaurants will be able to reduce final consumer prices and make guaranteed deals. In addition, it will provide a quick search for products of the necessary quality, allow the nearest procurement points to be determined, and identify the shortest routes for the delivery of goods.

In the future, the Food City concept is expected to be replicated in 24 regions across Russia. First of all, in the million-plus cities such as Kazan, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don and Samara. A service jointly developed by Kievskaya Ploschad, Sberbank and the Federal Tax Service of Russia will also be introduced at the new regional sites. It provides information on the availability of debt, allows you to pay money owed online and remove suspensions within 24 hours.

The environment is an equally important area for the development of the agrocluster. In August 2020, another KTR LOC storm-water treatment system was launched, allowing additional wastewater treatment. The total collection area of the new system is now up to 49,000 m2, which has doubled the volume of treatment work compared to the previous capacity.

By helping the city authorities identify and eliminate sources of pollution and improving the overall environmental safety of the district, the FOOD CITY agrocluster is implementing one of the key principles of its work: to increase social responsibility.

In the summer, a new shopping centre opened on the site of the Sadovod shopping complex, one of the largest in Russia, which created the infrastructure to turn the shopping complex into a modern centre to support small business. More than a thousand retail outlets, including a wedding gallery, a cafe, a children's playroom and a household outlet, as well as storage facilities with a convenient loading and unloading area and parking space for 1,200 cars, are planned for this 108,000 square metre site.

The new shopping centre will mark a turning point in the development of wholesale and retail standards and modern retail formats.

In November 2020, Mosgostroynadzor (the city’s planning regulator) issued a permit for construction and installation work on the creation of the Nagatinskaya multifunctional complex in the Nagorny region of Moscow. According to the project, developed according to the concept of the "city within a city", a 16-storey multifunctional complex with a total area of about 230,000 square metres will be built, combining a transport interchange hub, a business centre, shopping areas, restaurants, cinema, fitness centre with swimming pool and a large entertainment zone.

Kievskaya Ploshchad will create a multi-level transit passenger complex with user-friendly infrastructure and a system of customer-focused interchanges at any time of year. The future transport interchange hub (TIH) will be integrated with the Nagatinskaya metro station of the Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line, the railway platform and overland transport routes on the Varshavskoye Shosse.

The TIH building will be a unique technical structure whose construction takes into account the great complexity of the construction site, as well as the presence of a functioning metro station directly under the facility. The project uses advanced digital solutions, a combination of intelligent engineering systems, automation systems and energy-efficient building techniques.

Kievskaya Ploshchad begins the construction of the Nagatinskaya MFC with successful experience in creating world-level complex infrastructure facilities behind it. At the end of October, construction of the Schelkovskiy multifunctional complex was completed in the Eastern Administrative District. Under one roof in the building with its unique structure are the Central Bus Station and Schelkovskiy shopping and entertainment centre.

The Schelkovskiy TIH was opened on 29 October 2020 with the participation of Moscow’s Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyev and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies God Nisanov.

The complex building with its smooth contours resembling a glass ship with a wave-shaped translucent facade, which house a clock with a nine-metre dial, has a total area of more than 150,000 square metres. It has five underground and six above-ground floors and one technical floor. The main feature of the new bus station is a unique engineering solution which allowed the passenger platforms to be "raised" onto the roof of the complex.

The Schelkovskiy shopping and entertainment centre also opened on 29 October. It is a modern technological complex offering a wide range of services and highly developed infrastructure. It contains about 250 different tenants, including the most famous, sought-after brands in fashion, footwear and accessories, home appliances and electronics, as well as a multiplex cinema, family children's park, fitness club and supermarket.

On the opening day under partial operation, Schelkovskiy was visited by more than 40,000 people.


In December, the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies and one of the world's leading hospitality companies Accor Hotels Group signed an agreement to open the first hotel in Moscow under the RAFFLES luxury brand, a de luxe hotel complex that includes a five-star hotel, apartments and a spa.

Raffles Moscow will be the first hotel from the legendary hotel chain in Moscow. It will be located in the complex on Varvarka near Zaryadye Park, overlooking the ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin with St Basil’s Cathedral, Slavyanskaya Square, the picturesque embankments of the Moscow River, panoramas of the capital with the Church of Christ the Saviour, and the famous "Stalin" high-rises. The hotel complex will be another stage in Moscow's promotion as a tourist Mecca and will connect the history of the capital with modern times.

A peculiar feature of 2020 was the period of self-isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Kievskaya Ploshchad, following the principles of high social responsibility, helped implement the recommended measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

Preventive measures were introduced at many sites at the beginning of the year, when the prospect of self-isolation was considered unlikely. Sanitisers with antiseptics and irradiators/recirculators for air disinfection were installed within the site’s facilities, while the frequency of disinfecting escalator rails, door handles, elevator cabins and other surfaces was increased.

Internal screens and media facades broadcast information videos about personal measures to prevent infection, and inspectors provided free masks and gloves to all visitors.

In addition to the recommendations from the authorities, at the initiative of the company, a number of additional preventive measures were taken. Disinfection tunnels were installed in the Evropeiskiy shopping and entertainment complex, and then at other facilities, in which the surface of visitors’ outer clothing and shoes were treated with evaporated disinfectant solution based on a special certified hypoallergenic agent that’s safe for health. Such tunnels are widely used in a number of advanced countries, such as Singapore. Thermal imagers were installed to check visitors’ temperature. At many sites, the ventilation system has been modernised and the ventilation filters treated with antibacterial agents on a daily basis.

The set of preventive measures to counteract the spread of coronavirus infection remains in place today. In December, Kievskaya Ploshchad’s facilities joined the city's "check-in" system, which allows people to register visits and receive a timely notification of contact with a carrier of the disease.

Kievskaya Ploshchad also supported the city authorities in the fight against coronavirus infection. In May 2020, over a short period of time - the work lasted three weeks and was carried out around the clock in three shifts - areas of the Moscow automobile trade centre (ATC) were converted into a medical facility and transferred for temporary use by the S.S. Yudin State Clinical Hospital of the Department of Health of Moscow. The hospital opened on 28 May 2020, when Moscow’s Mayor Sergei Sobyanin visited the redesigned building, and the hospital began operating at the end of October [during the second wave of growth in the number of cases].

The repurposing of the ATC was a unique experience for Russia, as for the first time, the temporary hospital was deployed not within a ground-floor facility, but in a six-storey building. The ATC was completely refurbished at the expense of Kievskaya Ploshchad in accordance with the requirements set out by regulations specially created by the Government of Moscow to combat coronavirus infection.

The temporary hospital has about 2,000 hospital beds equipped with furniture, a button to call medical staff and oxygen lines, including 57 intensive care beds. Ventilation and electricity systems were completely modernised, additional bathrooms and showers provided, "red" and "green" areas marked out, new sanitary checkpoints set up, rooms provided for medical and service staff, plus relaxation and eating rooms, and lots more besides.

As one of the leaders in the hospitality industry, Kievskaya Ploshchad also used its resources to directly support health workers. As early as April 2020, on the company's own initiative, the government of Moscow was given the entire complement of rooms of the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel (a total of 421 rooms) free of charge to accommodate medical workers involved in working with patients infected with coronavirus.

More than 500 health workers who were unable to return home because of contact with patients were accommodated on five floors with a separate isolated stairwell. Completely in accordance with the requirements of the Russian consumer supervision and well-being agency, all the hotel’s premises were equipped with closed-type sanitisers and recirculators, and the building was disconnected from the ventilation system. Medical staff were also provided with two free meals a day in room service mode.

The Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel returned to its normal working regime at the end of July 2020.

The food projects segment wasn’t left behind, either. The Central Market on Rozhdestvenskoye Boulevard provided health workers with free hot lunches, which were sent to the Sklifosovsky National Research Institute of Emergency Medicine and to the City Clinical Hospital No.31 for doctors and medical personnel directly involved in treating patients infected with coronavirus.

Also, as part of the #спасибодоктор (thank you, doctor) action, which started on Central Market’s social networks, volunteers sent so-called "Goodwill Sheets" to doctors along with their meals, with words of support and gratitude from subscribers to the Central Market, Evropeiskiy shopping centre and DEPO gastro-quarter accounts and others.

In the run-up to the New Year holidays, DEPO, together with the #МЫВМЕСТЕ (us together) project, is holding a charity event "Give a Miracle" in support of volunteers and medical staff working with patients with coronavirus. To show gratitude to volunteers and health workers and support them during the difficult times of the pandemic, event participants pass on their New Year's wishes, and DEPO ensures the delivery of gifts.

Kievskaya Ploshchad’s roll-out of exclusive formats to the regions of Russia with socially responsible business as the main principle of sustainable development were widely recognised this year in society, including on the international stage. In January, God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev had already entered the top 10 on the Internet’s Kommersant publication’s "League of Outstanding Businessmen no. 7" rating.

In autumn 2020, God Nisanov received the "Man of the Year 2020" award from the Russian Business Guide, while for the second year in a row, the businessman was awarded the title Person of the Year as part of the Munich Congress Awards, which celebrates the outstanding figures of the investment world for their contribution to charity, development and improving the world economy.

In addition, the chairman of the board of directors of the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies received the honorary award "Russian Business Guide. PEOPLE OF THE YEAR 2020" in the category "For contributions to the development of the commercial real estate market". The organisers of the event greatly appreciated the role played by God Nisanov in the field of economic development and the introduction of modern innovative technologies in construction, noting both the completed and ongoing projects of the Kievskaya Ploschad Group of Companies.

Since 2012, Kievskaya Ploshchad has been ranked first in the Forbes ranking in terms of total rental income, outpacing other market players by almost three times. In terms of total area of commercial real estate, Kievskaya Ploshchad also holds the leading position in the field of development. With the commissioning of the new Schelkovskiy multifunctional complex building, the total area of commercial real estate owned by the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies has increased by 150,000 square metres and, as of November 2020, it stands at 3.9 million square metres.

As a result of the systematic implementation of the business strategy of the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies, we have seen the formation and development of the capital’s architectural and urban image, the creation of new jobs in the Russian regions, and an improvement in the quality of people's lives. God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev’s holding continues to open up new prospects for the development of the Russian commercial real estate market.



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