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22 June 2021

The Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies has summed up the results of the art competition "Thank you, Doctor!", timed to coincide with the Children's Day and Medical Worker Day. The participants, the youngest of whom was 6, and the oldest was 15 years old, sent their works on the topics "Thank you, my beloved doctor!", "Doctor as a profession", and "Doctors are heroes of our time!"

From June 1 to June 20, 2021, a special mail,, received letters with pictures expressing gratitude to medical workers for their selfless work and saving human lives. On some of them, children depicted empty wards, from which patients left healthy and cheerful, on others - the valiant cultists of Asclepius and Hippocrates tried on superhero costumes, standing up to protect the entire Earth.

The winners will receive valuable and memorable gifts from the Evropeyskiy shopping and entertainment center, the DEPOT gastronomic district, Flotilla Radisson Royal, the Central Market, the Grand and Grand-South furniture centers, the Shchyolkovsky multifunctional complex, the FOOD CITY Agricultural Cluster, Velozavodsky market, and the Panorama shopping center.

The best works will be exhibited at one of the objects of "Kievskaya Ploschad" as part of a specially created temporary exhibition.

The children's art competition has been held by the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies since 2020. This is not the first initiative, which has become a way to thank medical professionals for their tireless attention to patients, courageous confrontation with diseases and brilliant disclosure of the most unexpected mysteries of the human body. In 2020, facilities that are part of the group of companies actively participated in campaigns for gratuitous support of medical workers.

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