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Results Of 2021 For The Kievskaya Ploshad Group Of Companies

29 December 2021

The outgoing year 2021 has shown that the combination of flexibility in finding solutions, the efficiency of implementation, and a conscious social focus(the basis of the strategy of the Kievskaya Ploshchad group of companies), allows us to gain a steady pace of development. Moreover, it allows us to successfully implement the most modern trends in the commercial real estate market in Russia, and use unique innovative technologies. Throughout the year, the Kievskaya Ploschad group of companies and its facilities have invariably received recognition from both the expert community and the Moscow citizens.

MFC Shchelkovsky won the Moscow Complex Construction competition, Depo.Moscow received the international MAPIC Russia Awards 2021, the largest UNIQLO store in Europe was opened in the Evropeyskiy shopping and entertainment center, Kievskaya Ploshchad once again confirmed its undisputed leadership in the field of development, and much more. In 2021, the total area of commercial real estate of the Kievskaya Ploshchad group of companies amounted to 3.9 million square meters. Furthermore, the number of employees increased by 1 thousand and is more than 27 thousand people.

Development of objects

One of the key aspects of the work of the Kievskaya Ploshchad group of companies has been the development of existing concepts and projects. This approach has become not only successful but also formed a significant trend in the industry. An example of such a project(which has reached the level of an ecosystem approach) is the new Depo, the implementation of which was announced in November 2021. The gastro-quarter Depo Tri Vokzala will be located not far from Komsomolskaya Square, in the buildings of the former 2nd trolleybus park on Novoryazanskaya Street, built at the beginning of the 20th century. This is a large-scale project of redevelopment and adaptation of historical architecture to modern use. As in the Depo Lesnaya, the ensemble of buildings of the trolleybus park is an object of cultural heritage. Therefore, Kievskaya Ploschad, using its unique experience, will return it to its historical appearance.

The project will create more than 2,000 jobs: more than 1.8 hectares of urban area out of 2.8 hectares of the total project area are to be landscaped at the Depo Tri vokzala. The key element of the future space will traditionally be a food mall with an area of more than 8 thousand square meters. m. But the main feature of the Depo Tri Vokzala is an ecosystem approach, a unique concept of extended multifunctionality, which allows to harmoniously combine the popular format of a gastronomic project with an extremely popular format of a business cluster.

The infrastructure of the new Depo will allow young entrepreneurs and investors interested in financing food tech startups to get to know each other. Moreover, it will allow like-minded people to gather in one place, discuss opportunities for cooperation and implement projects.

The business cluster in Depo Tri Vokzala will be supplemented by office space and retail outlets, as well as cinema parking, services, and other progressive development and innovative solutions that meet today's world’s challenges.

The concept of the Food City agricultural cluster has also been developed. For this, the Leviy bereg market in Khimki near Moscow and the Four Seasons food complex in Domodedovo were modernized. Food City Khimki and Food City Domodedovo directly connect fresh food suppliers with buyers and also ensure food security in the Moscow region. Ahead is expanding into 24 regions of Russia at once.

The Food City Domodedovo complex has also become the first regional platform where a unique digital platform(using an electronic exchange) will be implemented, to which both Russian and foreign suppliers, buyers, and service operators will be able to directly connect.

The Food City wholesale and retail grocery center continued to develop joint projects with Sberbank. At the end of 2020, food delivery from the largest agricultural cluster in Europe became available through the Sbermarket service, and in 2021, the Foodsberry digital marketplace for delicious and healthy food was opened.

The key distinctive feature of the Foodsberry marketplace is the exclusion of the long-term storage warehouses from the production chain of orders. Orders are collected directly from fresh Food City deliveries and delivered directly to customers in temperature-controlled and environmentally-friendly packages. Thanks to long-term partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers, the marketplace has attractive prices for products of the highest quality.


In the autumn of the outgoing year, Kievskaya Ploshchad acquired the Studenets estate located in the Krasnaya Presnya culture and recreation park. The Studenets estate belongs to one of the earliest Moscow estates, built in the 18th-19th centuries. The garden and park complex is unique, however, back in the Soviet times, as a result of many reconstructions and transformations, the old manor house was almost destroyed. Until now, only the foundation and one outbuilding remained from it.

In October 2021, God Nisanov and the sections of the Kievskaya Ploshchad group of companies entered the share capital of the Samolet group, acquiring almost 10% of the shares.

Cooperation between the companies includes both the development and the implementation of joint projects in the field of commercial real estate projects in Russia and the CIS countries. The synergy of the competencies and long-term experience of both companies will firstly open up new prospects in the implementation of development projects. Secondly, it will give the development of the entire industry a positive momentum. Lastly, it will also create opportunities for the emergence of new large-scale projects, urban infrastructure, and jobs.

In 2021, the Pavilion was put into operation at the Patriarch's Ponds. Alexander Rappoport's Pavilion Patrick's Pond restaurant project, included in the iconic Michelin Guide Russia 2022 gastro rating, has opened in a reconstructed building with preserved facades.


Capital retail continues to be one of the key areas of development for Kievskaya Ploshchad, which is expressed not only in new brands but also in exclusive formats realized thanks to the most convenient cooperation with brands.

Europe's largest store of the UNIQLO brand - UNIQLO MOSCOW was opened in the Evropeyskiy shopping and entertainment center in autumn. A long-term partnership with an international brand has made it possible to firstly open a retail space and exclusive access for visitors of Evropeyskiy to novelties and special collaborations., Secondly, it allowed developing a unique concept for a new store - “Time for New Things”. Lastly, thanks to it a platform for partnership with iconic museums in Moscow and local brands was created.

Additionally, the first flagship boutique of perfumery and cosmetics Dior Beauty has been opened in Evropeyskiy. However it operates in a new format: for the first time, perfumes, cosmetics, and accessories of the brand are presented on one site.


The merits of the owners of Kievskaya Ploschad were noted especially. By the decree of the President of Russia, the chairman of the board of directors of the Kievskaya Ploshchad group of companies, God Nisanov, was awarded the distinction “For Benevolence” for his contribution to the implementation of the project to create the Rzhevsky memorial to the Soviet soldier.

Also, God Nisanov was awarded the medal of the Security Council of the Russian Federation "For services in ensuring national security" and active assistance in ensuring the quality of training of engineering personnel for the shipbuilding industry. In 2019, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kievskaya Ploshchad group of companies became a patron of the project to create a sports complex at St. Petersburg State Technical University (Korabelka), and a year later he took part in its grand opening.

In summer 2021 God Nisanov was named "Person of the Decade" by the community of Mountain Jews. A businessman and philanthropist, vice-president of the World Jewish Congress was chosen for his great contribution to the development of the communal life of Mountain Jews in all countries and cities of the world.


In January 2021, Kievskaya Ploshchad topped the Forbes list of “Kings of Russian Real Estate”, in which it has been holding a leading position since 2012. The position of the absolute leaders in the rating of Russian rentiers has been confirmed by the Group of

Companies thanks to the implementations of several significant projects for Moscow in 2020. In spring, Forbes compiled an annual rating of 200 richest businessmen in Russia. The owners of Kievskaya Ploshad, God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev, occupy 43rd and 42nd lines in it, keeping their positions in the first hundred. Over the year, the fortune of the co-founders of Kievskaya Ploshad increased to $ 3.4 billion, exceeding the pre-pandemic level.

In 2021, the position of Kievskaya Ploshchad also increased in the main ratings of Russian business. Thus, the company has climbed 15 positions in the Forbes rating “200 largest private companies in Russia”, taking 65th place. In the rating of RA Expert Kievskaya Ploschad took 113th place, having risen by 25 positions in comparison to 2020. The group of companies entered the rating of the largest Russian companies by net revenue RBC500 for the first time, immediately taking the 98th position.


MFC Shchelkovsky became the winner of the Moscow Complex Construction competition in the nomination "The best-completed project for the construction of multifunctional shopping centers and complexes." The aim of the Moscow Complex Construction competition is not only to determine the best facilities built in Moscow in the previous period but also to draw the attention of specialists to the use of modern technologies in construction. The building of the multifunctional complex Shchelkovsky, with the first bus station in Russia on the roof, was created using innovative construction techniques and technologies, becoming a vivid example of their prospects.

In addition, the Central bus station, which is part of the Shchelkovsky multifunctional complex, was recognized as the most popular in Moscow - in 2021 more than 500 thousand people used it, which made up almost half of all bus passengers per year.

In March, the project for the construction of the Nagatinskaya transport and interchange hub became a finalist of the annual Moscow Prize in the field of architecture and urban planning in the nomination "The best architectural and urban planning solution for an administrative, business and commercial facility." In April, the legendary Ukraina Hotel, also known as the Radisson Collection Royal, Moscow, won the TOP100AWARDS award in the Best City Hotel for Events category. At the same time, the Shchelkovsky shopping and entertainment center, which opened at the end of 2020, received one of the most prestigious awards in the field of commercial real estate, the Commercial Real Estate Awards 2021 in the Large Shopping Center category as a modern high-tech complex with a wide range of services and developed infrastructure.

In the summer, the Depo. Moscow food mall received the international MAPIC Russia Awards 2021 in the Best Food & Beverage Retailer nomination. The MAPIC Russia Awards recognizes shopping center developers and retail chains for their successful contributions to the retail real estate industry in Russia and the CIS. Earlier, in May 2021, Depo was also honored at the 15th Annual Public Recognition Award of the Central Administrative District of Moscow in the Social Efficiency category. Thanks to its attentive attitude to social issues and support of charitable actions, Depo has become an important platform where charitable events of a social, educational, and preventive nature are held regularly: lectures and seminars, exhibitions and concerts, campaigns, and collection of gifts.

In the fall, the Ukraina Hotel won Russia's Leading Hotel Residences 2021 nomination at the prestigious World Travel Awards. For more than 10 years, the Radisson Royal Collection Hotel, Moscow has won this award, the so-called international "Oscar" in the field of tourism, in various nominations, undeniably confirming the exclusivity of relaxation in the legendary skyscraper.


As part of supporting social initiatives at the Kievskaya Ploshchad facilities throughout the year, charitable events dedicated to important public issues were held. For example, the food mall Depo. Moscow became a platform for joint action with the Search for Missing Children Foundation, a social action "I'm Lost" timed to coincide with the International Day of Missing Children, a Direct Dialogue action organized jointly with the Russian Red Cross, a charity screening of a documentary about Kamchatka “Bears of Kamchatka. The Beginning of Life ”, and much more.

On the occasion of International Children's Day, the Kievskaya Ploshchad group of companies announced an annual children's drawing competition on the theme “Thank you, Doctor!”. It was organized to express gratitude to medical workers for their selfless work and saving human lives. The participants, the youngest of whom was 6, and the oldest - 15 years old, sent their works on the topics "Thank you, my beloved doctor!", "Profession - a doctor" and "Doctors are heroes of our time!" and received valuable and memorable gifts.

Exhibitions and eco-promotions are held in the Shchelkovsky shopping and entertainment center regularly. At the beginning of autumn, the Eco-initiative "Give a second life to children's clothes" was also organized. As part of the action, humanitarian aid was collected for families in difficult life circumstances.

On New Year's Eve in the Shchelkovsky shopping and entertainment center, a charity event “Caring Christmas tree” was launched, within the framework of which purchases marked “Thank you! Goods for the Christmas tree ”will be donated to the“ Rus” Food Fund for delivery to needy families with children.

The Depo hosted a charity evening and a parade of Fathers Frost, the purpose of which was to raise funds for the purchase of gifts for special children within the framework of the “Father Frost Comes Home!” Project. The event was organized by the Gift of Sunshine Charitable Foundation and the All-Russian volunteer project “Santa Claus Comes Into the House”!


Coronavirus and measures to counter its spread also remain on the agenda. Throughout the year, the Kievskaya Ploshchad group of companies provided quick and comfortable access to all the necessary medical services related to the pandemic. So, already in February in the SEC Shchelkovsky and Evropeyskiy, in the gastro-quarter Depo Lesnaya and later in the ITC Grand - vaccination rooms against COVID-19 were opened. The infrastructure of the selected sites is used by thousands of people every day. Hence, their selection as sites for vaccination has ensured wide coverage of various groups of the population, making the vaccine even more affordable.

In the summer, in Shchelkovsky and Evropeyskiy, COVID-free food courts were also one of the first to open, access to which was open with QR codes. In the fall, free express testing points for COVID-19 were also opened in the Evropeyskiy and Shchelkovsky shopping malls and the Depo Lesnaya gastro-quarter.

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