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Gastro tours of the project "Moscow through engineer’s eyes" in Depo

6 October 2021

The educational project "Moscow through engineer’s eyes" has developed a new route through the largest food mall in Europe "Depo. Moscow". A professional guide will show you parts of the cultural heritage and illustrative examples of the difficult work of restorers of the Miussky depot’s architectural ensemble. In the end, the participants will be invited for a degustation.

In the first half of the excursion, you will get acquainted with the history of Moscow city transport. The guide will tell you first about the way Miussky tram depot used to be in the 19th-20th centuries, then about the inconspicuous parts of the cultural heritage and the work of restorers, lastly about who was behind the transformation of the depot into a culinary “Mecca”.

The second part of the walk will be dedicated to firstly the story about the concepts of food projects, secondly to gastro logistics at Depo, thirdly to musical and culinary events that take place in the gastro-quarter, as well as delicious questions of the author's dishes. Guided by a sommelier and a food guide, participants will taste wine in a wine boutique. Also a degustation of craft beer will be possible.

Guided tours are partly outside!

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