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DEPO: long-awaited opening

22 June 2020

The Depo Lesnaya gastronomic quarter is returning to fully operational mode. From 23 June, guests have been able to fully enjoy the unique atmosphere, interiors and, of course, delicious dishes from 75 outlets at Europe's largest food mall, Depo.Moscow, and 10 restaurants located within the complex.

Only the restaurants’ summer verandas have been available for guests since 16 June. In this mode, Depo kept functioning. Now, it’s time for the long-awaited full-scale opening. In accordance with the orders of the Mayor of Moscow, from 23 June, cafes and restaurants will be allowed to accommodate visitors indoors.

Of course, all Depo’s establishments have opened in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of the Russian Consumer Watchdog (Rospotrebnadzor), foremost among which are the use of personal protective equipment by staff and regular cleaning of surfaces with disinfectant. Tables are located at a distance of at least 1.5 metres from each other. For the safety of visitors and staff, special air purification and disinfection systems have been installed in all premises of the type which are used to equip hospitals.

Alexander Rafailov, CEO of Depo Lesnaya:

"On 23 June, we returned to a full-blown mode of operation and look forward to your visit! During the forced closure and operations in delivery mode and takeaway only, we missed Depo’s truly unique atmosphere. And, as became clear after the opening of the verandas on 16 June, our guests missed it just as much. Despite having doubled the area of verandas compared to last year, all last week we were packed out, and it was almost impossible to find a free table. Now, we can set out our seats inside. Guests can access 11,000 square metres of food mall and a dozen separate restaurants. So we have enough space to set out our tables at the required distance apart.

I can assure everyone that we have strictly complied with all Rospotrebnadzor’s requirements and regulations. All our premises are ready to receive visitors. There are even disinfectant points at the entrance to the food mall, and masks and gloves are provided free of charge to visitors. We are ready to receive guests and ensure their safety. After all, this is our absolute priority in all we do."


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