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More than 8 million people visit the Depo Lesnaya gastronomic quarter in a year

12 February 2020

On 14 February, the Depo Lesnaya gastronomic quarter will celebrate its first birthday. Guests can expect gifts, complimentary items from retail corners, an exciting quest and a voucher prize draw. The main event of the celebration will be a performance by the group IOWA.

Exactly a year ago, on the site of the former tram park on Lesnaya Street, the Depo Lesnaya lifestyle quarter was launched in seven buildings where gastronomic establishments by famous leading lights from the restaurant world, a modern sports club and the main attraction, the largest food mall in Europe, were opened. The gastro-quarter very quickly gained popularity among Muscovites and visitors to the capital, its accessibility right from the very first days of opening meaning it is held in high esteem. On weekdays, the site is visited by more than 20 000 people, while at weekends, that figure exceeds 30 000 visitors. Over its first year of operation, more than 8 million people visited Depo Lesnaya.

To preserve the urban environment during the restoration of the Miussky Depot ensemble which dates back to 1874 and an architectural monument in its own right, the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies was awarded a prize-winning diploma in the Moscow Restoration 2019 competition from the Moscow Government. God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev’s holding turned the city loft on Lesnaya Street into a very modern and dynamically developing space while managing to preserve its history.

The food mall, located in the largest building of the Depo Lesnaya gastro-quarter building and named “Depo.Moskva”, is now a new point of attraction on the map of Moscow and brings together under one roof all the most modern and original gastronomy from around the world. Even the culinary favourites of the capital's residents sought to open up completely new concepts at “Depo.Moskva”, and interesting start-ups of young restaurateurs from different regions of Russia offered interesting solutions and bold experiments. Today, the site contains original interpretations of cuisine from about 20 countries around the world. More than 75 gastronomic outlets operate here, most of which are unique and present only at Depo.Moskva. At Depo Lesnaya’s birthday celebration, a voucher will be drawn for 100 000 roubles, which the winner can spend on purchases in the food mall.

A food market with 40 farmers’ stalls representing around 15 categories of goods from 25 countries around the world has proved very popular right from the start. After shopping, visitors can relax and enjoy a tasty meal in the cosy atmosphere of the food mall, which is designed to seat more than 2000 people at the same time.

Depot.Moscow is now one of the most convenient and popular venues for hosting concerts and celebrations. Over the space of a year, more than 50 events have taken place here, including the GQ 100 Best Dressed evening, the HELLO! Award for “The most stylish person in Russia 2019”, concerts by the group Casta, singer Elena Temnikova, the group Pizza, the Dancing concert show, an educational course “Accelerator for the Restaurant Business” and much more besides. In addition, the food mall has regularly hosted charitable environmental and social events together with partners such as Oksana Fedorova’s Do Something Good Today foundation, “Da! Dobro” (“Give a battery - get an apple”), “Life as a Miracle” and others.

The Corner Boxing Gym sports club in the complex of the Depo Lesnaya block is a modern space for playing sports. The club has been equipped according to the latest trends for various activities: boxing, stretching, zumba, as well as for functional and children's training.

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