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Zarakh Iliev

Chairman of the Board of Directors, OОO Ploshchad Evropy

Chairman of the Board of Directors of OOO Vysotka (owns the «Ukraina» Hotel)

Place of birth: Azerbaijan, Krasnaya Sloboda

Date of birth: September 8, 1966

Family status: married, has two children.

Hobbies: painting, fishing, inventions (holds several patents for inventions)



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Zarakh Iliev was born on September 8, 1966 in the village of Krasnaya Sloboda in Azerbaijan in the family of Binsion and Sibo Iliev. Zarakh's father was a shoemaker, and he passed his craft to all six of his sons. There are 8 children in the Iliev family - six sons and two daughters.

Zarakh received his first entrepreneurial experience while living in his homeland. He was engaged in sewing and selling hats in the neighboring city of Quba.

«I learned to believe in my own strength and to not be afraid of change. Today, many of the locations that we've opened are full of creative life, they serve as a place to hold workshops and other events. Honestly, I'm not ashamed of any of our projects». Zarah Iliev Interview

In the early 90s, Zarah Iliev came to Moscow and began to develop a business in the field of trade. 

«As a person, I really appreciate creativity. As a businessman, I'm always looking for an unexpected turn in something familiar, an innovative idea. It is important not to be afraid to create and experiment». Zarah Iliev Interview

Since 2012 God Nisanov, together with business partner Zarakh Iliev, have been leading the Forbes’ top list of Russian owners of commercial real estate.

«It is important not to fixate on one thing. The Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies is carrying out several projects simultaneously. This is not only a hotel business, but also, for example, the construction of «Schelkovskiy» and «Nagatinskaya» large transport hubs, plus the Flotilla fleet of ships that we are constantly developing. There is even such a term as «risk diversification» when investments are distributed across different financial instruments. This is business 101. In addition, each of our projects is subsequently larger and more complex - for example, the case of the Olimpiyskiy sports complex, or during the construction of a hotel on Varvarka. For me, as a businessman, This is a specific sort of challenge. Therefore, when implementing new projects, I want to give my best and make everything with a seal of excellence». Zarah Iliev Interview